The cutter itself measures 36” x 33”

It has enough safety features to make the process a comfortable one, and the cutting capacity is simply great. In other words, this is a big device. Also this is a very heavy device that weighs in at 122 pounds, so it will be difficult to move.

Strengths: The Dahle 580’s main strength is its excellent cutting capacity. The cutter itself measures 36” x 33” and it’s attached to a table. You just need to make sure that there’s enough room in your work area for this device because it is truly enormous. Check out its strengths and weaknesses.) There’s also an acrylic safety shield that will prevent your hands from coming into contact with the blade as you cut. bond paper at once, which really great for a guillotine cutter.) It’s not ideal for smaller workplaces, unfortunately.

When it comes to safety features, Dahle never skimps on them and they’ve made sure that the 580 has everything you need to stay safe. This is a heavy-duty device that’s great for repeated use.Have you ratchet cable cutting tool been searching for a guillotine paper cutter to help you out with those large jobs? If so, you might want to give the Dahle 580 some consideration. The cutting capacity makes this device a great choice if you need to cut a lot of paper on a regular basis.The Dahle 580 is made from high-quality materials, including Solingen steel, which was used for the self-sharpening blade.

Weaknesses: As far as weaknesses go, the Dahle 580’s size may work against it in some circumstances. When it comes right down to it, the Dahle 580 is an excellent large-format guillotine paper cutter, albeit a very big one. This trimmer can process up to 30 sheet of 20 lb. If you have the space, take a look at the Dahle 580 today so you can start taking advantage of it. This trimmer is also made from some of the best materials around so you’ll be able to get a lot of use out of it.And to top it all off, this product comes with a lifetime warranty. (Although it does prevent your paper scraps from being scattered on the floor. Of course, you’ll also be able to use it for small sheets as well, including the ever-popular letter- and legal-sized paper.

This is a large-format trimmer that can be used to cut paper that’s up to 32 inches long. The metal base has both standard and metric measurements printed on it for ease of use.To keep your paper in place, this trimmer has a manual clamp that will prevent it from fanning and moving around. (It also makes it difficult to run your fingers along the edge of the blade. . The folding cut-off shelf also adds to this device’s size. For one thing, the blade locks into place when its not being used which helps prevent it from flying up without warning. There’s also an adjustable backstop to make everything a bit easier. You can even work with thicker materials including mat board

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